Online Trainings That Turn Health & Wellness Practitioners Into 6-Figure Business Owners.

Hi, I’m Dr. Andrea Maxim. I’m here to provide you with all the tools, templates, training, and mentorship you need to succeed in practice!

Stop Overwhelm

Clarify EXACTLY where you need to put your focus now based on your stage and size of practice.

Get It Done

Stay on track with suggested timelines and a community of other practitioners building their practice.

Watch It Grow

Actually see results from the projects that matter to the big picture growth of your practice.

Maybe You Are Thinking….

  • When you graduated, you were NOT given the resources or the support you needed to actually create a viable career.
  • Everyday you’re struggling to get it all done between patient care and business admin.
  • You may even be resenting your dream job all together.

That is NOT ok by us… So, Let Us Help You!

"But I'm Not Meant To To Be An Entrepreneur..."

You just spent 4+ years in school, plus hellish testing and examinations and you thought upon graduation, all the hard work would be over. Now.. the idea of learning all things Entrepreneuship is NOT what you signed up for and your sinking fast.

"The Overwhelm Is Just Becoming Too Much..."

You wake up with good intentions, but your never-ending To Do list is just that… never-ending. Between patients, charting, trying to have some semblance of a life, you’re getting ZERO things done and it’s really wearing you down – physically and emotionally.

"I Just Don't Know What I'm Doing Wrong!"

Your patients don’t seem to be rebooking, your social media isn’t growing, your website is barely getting traffic and yet your busy You just cant seem to figure out where you’re going wrong and why your business isn’t more successful.


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Andrea Maxim, ND Business Coach To Health & Wellness Practitioners

I understand what it’s like to go through the transition from student to practitioner… and from practitioner to business owner too. In fact, I have overcome the same challenges myself as a practicing ND building my clientele at 3 clinics from the ground up. Now, in addition to seeing patients, I run these clinics and have hired staff to help serve our growing patient roster. Through my business trainings I have helped hundreds of colleagues do the same.


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Don’t just listen to us.
Here’s what our clients say about our programs…

  • Fixed Her Cash Flow

    “I struggled with not knowing what areas to focus on for building my practice. I was overwhelmed […] The biggest accomplishment was drastically increasing my revenue and patient retention at my current practice, which allows me to save money and be ready for the next step.”

    Dr. Natalia Pelligrino, ND
    Dr. Natalia Pelligrino
    Naturopathic Doctor
  • Finally Took A Vacation

    “I now I have systems in place that help my business run better, I have an assistant that has taking a load of me and allows me to work on things that only I can do for the business, I have created videos that people respond to and content that my audience is responding to. I was even able to take vacation this week for the first time in 5 years, without being worried that things were not being taking care of. Thank you ANDREA!!!”

    Dr. Deika King, ND
    Dr. Deika King
    Naturopathic Doctor
  • Built Her Practice F.A.S.T.

    I am accomplishing more than I have in the last 3 years. I have been more consistent with my social media presence, I created a marketing flow for practice, I have implemented assessment packages in my clinic, and have hosted a successful women’s health one day retreat.”

    Dr. Catherine Newry, ND
    Dr. Catherine Newry
    Naturopathic Doctor

How many new patients will you miss out on?

Look, if you don’t do SOMETHING about it, you will continue to struggle through the ebbs and flows of your business. And, if you keep expecting that your clinic’s marketing will fill your appointment book, it’s probably not going to happen.

BUT, you know, if you are a unicorn and it does somehow magically happen for you, it will be too late.

Too late for you to make your bill payments on time and pay back all those loans in a reasonable timeframe.

Too late for you to continue practicing because your family is frustrated with you for struggling to make ends meet.

Too late for you to become a successful practitioner and business owner because you are burnt out from doing ALL THE THINGS.

Get Started Today

If you’re here, you’re searching for a practice building plan  specifically for health and wellness practitioners. Well… you found us!
Now, let’s get the MAXIMized Practitioner Method working for YOU!

Step 1

Get Your $1 Game Plan

It’s almost free to reserve a 30 minute 1:1 strategy session with Dr. Andrea herself!

During your session Dr. Andrea will help you clarify your easiest and fastest practice building opportunities… AND THEN hook you up with plan of action based on what you most want to achieve.

Step 2

Get The Right Tools, Training, and Team On Your Side

When you enroll in our flagship training:
The MAXIMized Practitioner Program
you get access to the core trainings, templates, tools of the MAXIMized Practitioner Method, and ongoing support from our team and an amazing community of successful practitioners to grow with.

Step 3

Get Building

Block out 1-2 hours each week, watch the training and get your practice building assignment for the week, get it done, AND WATCH YOUR PRACTICE GROW.

(You can even build faster with by hiring our team to do a lot of the  work for you with our ELITE membership!)

Our Trainings & Programs Will Always Be:

  • Honest – We intend to be straight talking and transparent in what we say and do.
  • Approachable – We intend to be friendly, down to earth, and relatable for our clients.
  • Relationship-based – We intend to be conversational and build real relationships with our clients.
  • Focus You On Accelerated Action – We intend to help our clients build momentum and growth through focussing on the most important actions they need to take.


How To
MERGE YOUR Practice Online

Get my easy 3-STEP FRAMEWORK and go from struggling to success in your practice by using online strategies to create more reach and revenues

Let’s Build Your Practice

There is no time to waste, your practice will not grow unless you invest in it and yourself. It’s time to become the CEO-Practitioner you know you can be.

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