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Stepping WAAAY Outside My Comfort Zone as a Wellness Practitioner: PPP104

July 11, 2019 by Andrea Maxim - Leave a Comment

We see our patients do it with us all the time with us in our offices. In this episode, I share my very *eye-opening* experience of being WAAAAY outside my comfort zone. Because stepping outside your comfort zone as a health and wellness pro is different than in other businesses. Now, we explore how far your have to stretch as a

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“You Look So Healthy”… When Perception is NOT Reality – PPP: 103

May 27, 2019 by Andrea Maxim - Leave a Comment

Perception is a fickle thing... My perception of other naturopathic doctors on instagram is that they are: An amazing mom, they have an amazing body, they're accomplishing SO much, they've "got it all"... the perfect life. But is that perception reality? Maybe in real life their life is CRAZY!! Maybe, while on video they look amazing, 5min ago,

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