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Streamlined Clinic Reception Operations: A Practitioner’s Guide [PPP #108]

August 08, 2019 by Andrea Maxim - Leave a Comment

In this episode of the Profitable Practice Podcast, I share how I streamlined our clinic reception operations to the point that there is a seamless transition between myself and my admin staff. I share our 4 essential front desk processes and my leadership approach that keeps things on track as efficiently as possible.   (more…)

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4 Good Business Reasons To Stay In Your Comfort Zone + Win $100 & Be Featured On The Podcast: PPP 107

August 01, 2019 by Andrea Maxim - 1 Comment

With all the encouragement to push harder, grow faster, and stretch yourself out there, it can sometimes make you feel like routine and process are a bad thing! In this episode, I share 4 reasons why staying in your comfort zone is good business. (more…)

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