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How I Got Here & How I Can Help You...

If you’re like I was when I graduated naturopathic school I had ZERO business background and had to get my practice up and running to start making a living and pay off school debt.

I was like, “WHAAAAAT…” I just killed myself, and my brain cells, to become a licensed naturopathic doctor and now I have to start learning a whole new language.

I didn’t know what a lead magnet was.
I didn’t know what ROI meant… I’m sure you already know what it means, but just in case you don’t, it means return on investment.
I didn’t know how to write a newsletter or how to structure my consultations to have patient’s actually return to my office after the first visit.

I spent more time in the first 3 years of business learning how to start, build and grow a business that now I am spending less time in the office, more time with my family, and not worrying about paying all of my bills (including my student load and mortgage – yuk!) at the end of every month.

I know you’re committed to making your new career as a licensed ND work​. I know that you not only want to be a kickass healthpreneur, but you strive to be better than a run-of-the-mill naturopath.

That was why I created the Profitable Practice Podcast and the! To help you not only create an amazing practice, but to help you achieve every goal you have created for yourself as an ND an entrepreneur.


Be straight up with yourself (no one will hear your thoughts):

  • Frankly, you’re tired of the “just try harder” rhetoric that get’s spewed by successful people.
  • You feel you graduated with a false sense of the amount of work it takes to be successful in this industry
  • You’re shocked when you graduated from the college, the number of challenges and/or difficulties that NDs face in the real world, that no one seems to talk about

If so, please know that you’re not alone! I have felt this way too!


I am still running 2 practices, now balancing a marriage and motherhood (2 girls) while managing those practices, and I am evolving with the ebbs and flows of this business right along side you!

I remember when I first graduated, the internet was just getting started as a tool to seriously grow your business. It has only been in the past three years that healthpreneurs are using websites, social media, YouTube, Facebook Live, Webinars to seriously leverage the growth of their practices.

When I started, I was almost living in my clinic. Working there from 8am to 10pm 6-7 days per week.  It was insane. I learned every thing on my own and built it from scratch.

If I had known what I know now, and had the tools available to me when I started my practice, I would have been much further in my business now.  

I am proud to say that with all of those hours slugging away at learning how to run a practice, in-office and online, I have yet to make less than 6-figures every year since graduation.


That is my one goal, and solemn promise for you: I do NOT want you to grow your business any slower than you have to. I promise to give away everything that I know, and use daily in my business, so you don’t have to fumble or waste time figuring it out on your own.

The point is not to just do something, it’s to do it RIGHT and right the FIRST time!

If you feel like you need a little guidance in your practice, I’ve got a lot of great tips and tricks to share with you. Again, everything has been tried and tested in my practice and with my students.

Too often I see people afraid to take FREE advice. This is your chance to get ahead in your business. What have you got to lose??​

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