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In this training you will learn:

  • The TOP THREE Mistakes every practitioner makes with their brick and mortar & why it's costing you bookings and profits.
  • The secrets to getting 100% control back over your practice and finally get some consistency in your biz
  • My THREE step framework for merging your practice online that will help you INCREASE YOUR BOOKING & RETENTION RATE to 90% or more and to BOOST your visibility online and therefore BOOK MORE people in daily!

I've designed my business to reward folks who know how to SHOW UP!

Don't wait for the replay... Attend LIVE for access to the sweetest deal on The MAXIMized Practitioner Program I offer and it's only offered to those who show up when they say they will.



In this training you will learn:

  • Discover why your business needs you to create an in-office program if you want it to be profitable (HINT: Your patients have secretly been asking you for one but you weren't listening.)
  •  Learn how to take your professional education and knowledge and turn it into a repeatable system/program that transforms clients lives without you having to create individualized protocols, and repeat yourself OVER and OVER again.
  • See how to easy it is to create an in-office program and create the marketing and pricing behind it.

Ready To Grow Your Practice?

Personally, we hate having to sign up ump-teen times to get the free stuff. So we built a one-stop resource center for our MAXIMized Practitioners. Get access to our free business building LIBRARY of e-guides, worksheets, and templates for health and wellness practitioners. New resources added monthly!


Here's A Quick Peek At Just Some Of The Included Topics...

Thinking & Behaving Like A Business Owner

This section includes resources on embracing an entrepreneurial mindset and dealing with common mental blocks that are holding you back.

Setting Up Your Practice As A Real Life BUSINESS

This section includes resources on setting up and running your practice LIKE A BUSINESS… because your career is NOT A HOBBY.

Getting (and WOW-ing) Your First 100 Patients

This section includes resources on getting your first patients in the door and building that oh-so-important foundational experience as a new practitioner.

Streamlining Operations & Admin

This section includes resources on improving and streamlining your clinic admin and operations processes, so that you spend more of your time seeing patients.

Marketing That Actually Fills Your Calendar

This section includes resources on marketing strategy and tactics that will spread the word about your practice AND fill your appointment calendar.

Our Premium Products & Trainings >>

This section highlights our premium training programs, done-for-you products and how you can hire us to help you fast track your clinic’s profitability, growth, and ultimately… YOUR SUCCESS!


Email Marketing
  • MailChimp – (Free service) A great place to start! However, even the paid version may not offer you the automation you’ll be looking for when ready to up-level your email game. (In our experience, anyway.)
  • Infusionsoft – (Paid service) This does everything for my practice – Invoicing, Tracks Bookings, Task List, Online Store and Marketing Campaigns. Please use my name as your Referral Source.
  • Purchase Your Domain Name and Domain Hosting:
  • site –
  • If you need someone to help you create your website, please contact my web guy, Nicholas at or directly at [email protected] (You must let him know that I sent you, so he knows the discounted rates to offer you)
Online Scheduling Systems
Webinar Hosting
  • Webinar Jam
  • EverWebinar – Allows you to pre-record your webinars and host as if they’re live
  • GoToWebinar
Social Media Management
Organizing Your Workload
Clinic Renovation & Decoration