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Streamline Your Business, Simplify Your Life – PPP: 097

February 08, 2019 by Andrea Maxim - Leave a Comment

Want to Streamline Your Business? The biggest transformation that I found that my beta students of the Maximize Your Clinic: Next Level Program made when it came to simplifying and streamlining their business was THIS... what we're talking about on today's show. When I work with my student or clients my #1 job is to reduce the chaos, to simplify things

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Running 5-Day Challenges to Boost Your Cred and Your Biz: Interview with Zach Spuckler – PPP:96

January 29, 2019 by Andrea Maxim - 1 Comment

5-Day Challenges, 5-Figure Challenges 5-Day Challenges, that is the main topic of today's episode.... but first... This is the first episode of 2019 (woot woot), and I hope you guys are ready for what this year has in store! Want to know what's even more exciting.... we're just around the corner from our 100th episode! Annndd trust me, I have

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