The MAXIMized Practitioner Program



"I accomplished more working with Andrea than I had in the last 12 months"

Melanie was completely burned out when she joined. She was able to streamline her business processes and has extreme clarity on how to treat every.single.client. In as little as 3-months, I implemented an online program, a group program and work with 1:1 clients. | MELANIE GRIME, NUTRITIONIST
Dr. Natalia Pelligrino, ND
  • "Drastically increased my revenue"

    The biggest accomplishment was drastically increasing my revenue and patient retention at my current practice.”

    Dr. Natalia Pelligrino
    Naturopathic Doctor

"Focus and Overwhelm are No Longer a Problem"

Elizabeth was able to show up to her business with confidence. This translated to more patients and overall a better business flow. — DR. ELIZABETH TADDIKEN, ND
  • "220 New Patients... after joining the program"

    “I saw 220 new patients in my first year after joining the program. The biggest thing I did was niche my practice and do more targeted marketing “ 

    – Dr. Katie Rothwell, ND

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How much longer are you planning to “hustle”, “grind” and “stay busy” with barely anything to show for your efforts?



From Building the Practice (And Helping The Patients) You KNOW You Can?

… and how much revenue and impact are you willing to miss out on before you make a change And Start Building This Thing For Real?

Thank Goodness SOMEONE Said It… AM-I-RIGHT?)

So where are you at this point?
Do you feel like a slave to your practice?
Do you feel anxious and worried all the time about your success as a healthcare practitioner?

First, don’t be too hard on yourself. I mean, geez! You didn’t graduate an entrepreneur. You’re a healthcare practitioner. You’re a healer! You’re a life changer! You’re a miracle worker!

Even if your goal isn’t to make millions… you DO want to have an impact that can ripple to whole families and communities AND a decent income to go with it seeing as you work so hard.

Here’s the thing… 

When you were in school, you were spoon fed all of the wrong ideas about the business of your practice:

Don’t worry,” they said,
You’ll be fine when you graduate! Setting up practice is easy!

It’s super simple to get new patients… you just offer free 15min meet & greet visits and do a bunch of talks where you give everything away during that time, leaving no reason for the person to book in with you after… but don’t worry, your schedule will be booked in no time!

Then you graduated.

You found a clinic.
(Probably signed a contract you shouldn’t have.)
Opened up hours to accommodate everyone AND
waited for people to book in with you…
and waited…
and waited…

…still waiting?

Well, you said to yourself, maybe if you
work really hard;
pull longer hours;
just keep putting in the time; 
your business will eventually take off.
It has to, right?

WRONG. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

So you invested in FANCY WEBSITE spent weeks making it “just right”,

AND your calendar is still a ghost town.

Then you created SOCIAL MEDIA accounts for every single platform on the planet and committed to posting several times a day on each to grow your “social cred.”  

AND, your organic reach is brutal and still… no one is booking in with you.

Then you started a BLOG. But it’s waaaayyyyy more time consuming than you thought to write ONE post. You probably started and stopped this commitment at least once every 2-3 months.

AND your calendar is still not filling up

Then you thought VIDEO must be the way to go… but frig! What are you going to even talk about?? And going LIVE… So you pulled out your phone, tried it, hit publish, but didn’t get much traction for all the work involved. Do I really HAVE to do all that regularly? There’s NO WAY I have the energy to waste on that!

AND your calendar? Still crickets.

Before you know it,
you’re working 7 days a week,
pulling 12+ hour days,
have never taken a vacation
because “your business needs you”

But on the inside you’re terrified because you just KNOW the cold hard truth of it is….

You’re just doing busy work.


You deserve a 6-FIGURE INCOME.
You should have a practice you can just SHOW UP to, WORK YOUR HEALING MAGIC, and leave feeling energized, ready to rinse and repeat tomorrow! 
You dream of a practice where you work with your FAVOURITE PATIENTS every single time, and they love your work so much that you are over-run with bookings from their referrals.  
You desire a practice that is FULLY SYSTEMIZED AND AUTOMATED, so you never get bogged down by the admin work, and keep your focus on what you love most… healing!


Now is the time to break through and learn how to actually build the life-changing practice you know you have the capability to create!

We want you to live in a reality where:

  • your lack of KNOW HOW no longer dictates your FUTURE,
  • you EASILY attract more patients, and you WATCH your calendar book up 
  • your IDEAL PATIENTS FLOCK to book in with you daily
  • you ENJOY a streamlined, automated practice with minimal admin
  • you’ve ESTABLISHED yourself as an AUTHORITY in your community
  • you see your revenues SOAR

… because you have fully stepped into the role of BUSINESS OWNER.

It’s time to join us.
Become a
MAXIMized Practitioner.


Let's breakdown Of What's Inside The Program:


This is your year, and we’re going to prove it to you. Let us walk you through some of the most powerful visualization & manifestation exercises we run with our students every year. In about 30min, you will have created the end to the perfect year. Then in 12-months, you can look back and see that by going through this exercise, you actually manifested your dreams!

MPP start here


We are committed to turning you into a business owner. And with that, you MUST know your numbers. These metrics will help create the Annual Goal you created and we walk you though the exact 90-day, 30-day, weekly and daily process we go through to accomplish a whole years worth of ideas into a single quarter!

Your Next 90 Days Thumbnail

PILLAR 1: Build Your Foundational Experience

This is where we start. The first mistake we make as new practitioners is trying to move too fast before getting the solid self-knowledge and confidence in your experience/skills. You can’t learn how to swim from reading a book; you have to get your feet wet. You learn how to start using the book smarts in real life. You also have to get patients in the door AND you have to get them RESULTS.

MAXIMized Practitioner Pillar 3

PILLAR 2: Business Essentials

Even if you feel confident that you are a great practitioner, you’ll need to build the capacity of your practice to serve your patient patients efficiently. This means learning and  implementing the business fundamentals. You went to school to become a competent practitioners… not to get your MBA. Here we learn how to fine tune operations, get admin systems in place, and build a team. (Yes, you will GET TO hire help!)

MAXIMized Practitioner - Pillar 2

PILLAR 3: Modernized Marketing

We’ve just created a practice that runs like a well oiled machine and we can crank up the dial to let the patients start flooding in. NOW, we can talk about niching your practice and scaling your services beyond 1:1. We can target your copywriting/messaging. We can employ marketing strategies that broadcast far and wide. 

MAXIMized Practitioner - Pillar 3

PLUS! Get These Bonuses with enrollment today:


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BONUS 2: Get Coached Directly By Andrea with our Monthly LIVE Q&A CALLS + TWO BONUS 1:1 Calls with Andrea

Andrea Teaching

BONUS 3: Tickets To Our 1/2 Day Intensive PRACTICE PLANNING Events (Biannual!)

1/2 Day Intensive Planning Event


Create Your Initial Patient Funnel Cover Image-iMac

BONUS 5: 2H In-Depth Quiz Funnel Training with Samantha Scruggs!


When You Join At Our
Implementer Elite Level

Then You Also Get:

Elite Level Only:
4 – 1:1 Calls with Andrea

Get the individualized coaching you need to rock your implementation of the material for your unique practice and situation.

Elite Level Only:
Access To My Virtual Assistant

Let my guy Kenneth get the work done FOR YOU and move forward quickly. If you’ve never hired help before this is a great way to get started flexing your delegation muscles!

Elite Level Only:
Copy Review By Andrea and Team

Get your words right. On your website, email sequences, social media posts… whatever project you are working on hit us up!

  • “Within the first week of working with Andrea, I was able to launch the [online] group program I had been sitting on for over a year. She gave me the exact steps I needed to follow to promote the program, send out the emails, and follow up with potential clients. All of this generated $1674 in a very short launch period – which felt so amazing. She was there to support me when I needed it and gave me instant feedback if I was stuck on anything.”

    Megan Crozier
  • “I signed up with Andrea, as I was already 3 years out and though I would benefit from the one on one time spent with someone who has already been there and done that. Andrea goes above and beyond for students enrolled in her course and is very available to answer questions. I highly recommend [attending the calls] for those who want to maximize what they get out of the course.”

    Dr. Alexis Reid
    Naturopathic Doctor
  • “The one-on-one call was great to help me organize myself to implement my new program, the 7 Day Detox and group program, in my practice. Andrea broke down very clearly when I should start my marketing, and how I could go about it. I feel more confident putting together group programs in the future. I’ve also identified many things I could and should modify in my daily practice to make my patient visits more effective and keep the clinic running more smoothly.”

    Tamar Ferreira
    Naturopathic Doctor
The MAXIMized Practitioner Program

If You're Seriously Ready To Grow your practice...

Program Enrollment

PAY IN FULL (Saves $267!)

  • The complete MAXIMized Practitioner Program * All videos are ready to watch. No drip feeding. All worksheets and templates are ready to download and work through
  • Lifetime Access – There is no falling behind, completed the Pillars as your practice grows.
  • Monthly Group Calls – for extra trainings, hot seats and extra accountability
  • Private Facebook Community for Group Support and 24/7 Access To Me
  • 2 x 30min Individualized Coaching Call ($997 Value)
  • FREE Tickets to the Half Day Mega Event: Every January and July to map out the next 6-months of your year and hold you 100% accountable

Implementer Elite Enrollment

PAY IN FULL (Saves $267!)

  • The complete MAXIMized Practitioner Program * All videos are ready to watch. No drip feeding. All worksheets and templates are ready to download and work through
  • Lifetime Access – There is no falling behind, completed the Pillars as your practice grows.
  • Monthly Group Calls – for extra trainings, hot seats and extra accountability
  • Private Facebook Community for Group Support and 24/7 Access To Me
  • 2 x 30min Individualized Coaching Call ($997 Value)
  • FREE Tickets to the Half Day Mega Event: Every January and July to map out the next 6-months of your year and hold you 100% accountable

That’s everything in the standard program enrollment…. PLUS 3 Months of My Team Working For You:

  • 4 x 1:1 coaching calls directly with Andrea – All four calls are 30mins plus in length. We talk as long as we need to ensuring you get your unique practice (and goals) moving forward. No adapting things on your own – Andrea will show you how.
  • 100% Access to my Virtual Assistant and Team to get things done FOR YOU – You mean your team will take delegated tasks OFF my plate?! Yup!
  • Unlimited email and sales copy reviews by my team – Writing sales copy is always an art. Let me and my team take your template work our magic and turn it into something that works like a charm.

100% Risk free return policy... but you need to do the work!

We know if you do the work, and follow our step by step process, you will, without a doubt, see instant return on your investment. You will have more consistent bookings, you will feel more confident about treating and upselling necessary tests and supplements, and with our automated systems, you will have more leveraged time.

So if you can give us just 60-Days for you to go through the course, implement the strategies and if you are STILL NOT convinced it will work for you, we will guarantee 100% of your money back! OR we will work with you until you book in 10 new patients/clients to recoup your investment.

This is my commitment to you. I want there to be ZERO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join the MAXIMized Practitioner Program!
I believe in this program so much that I am willing to risk my own money that you will get results!

Hi There, I’m Dr. Andrea Maxim

I’m a practicing naturopathic doctor, author, and business mentor to outstanding health practitioners who are struggling in running their own practice. I know first hand how difficult it can be to stand out in a crowd of your competitors. Early in my career as a naturopathic doctor I had to learn what it takes to get ahead and get noticed. In my first year, I generated almost six-figures in revenue and that number has continued to climb every year since. I believe running the business side of your clinic should be just as exciting and rewarding as helping your patients is.

As a practicing Naturopathic Doctor running a six-figure clinic, I also recognize the importance of taking the right steps in the right order. Keeping a pitbull-like focus, I quickly developed a reputation for business excellence with not only my patients but my local business community and colleagues in her field too. I am now successfully running 3 practices, from Haldimand County to Oakville, and have written and released my first published book, MAXIMized Health: A New, Intelligent System for Optimal Digestion and Hormones.

I have been interviewed by people like Sean Croxton, Danny Lennon, Mike Mutzel, I’ve been a feature speaker in multiple online summits, I’ve been on many local television shows and have had editorials written about me in multiple publications.  In 2014, I even won the coveted “Top 40 Under 40” award as well as the “Female Entrepreneur Award”.

Now, I want to help YOU achieve the same success in a fraction of the time. If you are ready to get your practice operating in the black, take home a decent income, and grow it to six figures, and beyond, join me inside The MAXIMized Practitioner Training Program. I promise you’ll be so glad you did.

My Students Get Things D.O.N.E.!

  • Build Your Practice Fast

     “Finally, a course that focuses on the essentials of building a successful naturopathic practice! Each lesson is succinct and jam-packed with actionable steps. As a successful practitioner herself, Andrea brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is not only applicable to new grads but to long standing NDs. 

    Andrea stands out among my other coaches and mentors as someone who is genuine, personable and continuously engages in her own business development. Working with Andrea is akin to skipping a few years ahead without making many rookie mistakes. As a recent graduate, the course has given me traction to start my practice the right way. It helped me create profitable in-office programs and effectively structure patient visit. I would definitely recommend this course to all practitioners who would like to optimize their practice to better serve their patients!”

    Dr. Anna Kol
    Naturopathic Doctor
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