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Find Out How To Create That Wellness Program For Your Patients NOW!

  • Discover why your business needs you to create an in-office program if you want it to be profitable (HINT: Your patients have secretly been asking you for one but you weren’t listening.)  
  • Learn how to take your professional education and knowledge and turn it into a repeatable system/program that transforms clients lives without you having to create individualized protocols, and repeat yourself OVER and OVER again.  
  • See how to easy it is to create an in-office program and create the marketing and pricing behind it

Hosted by Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND
Business Coach to Health & Wellness Practitioners
Six-Figure Entrepreneur with 3 Practice Locations

I’ve designed my business to reward folks who know how to  SHOW UP!

Don’t wait for the replay… Attend LIVE for access to the sweetest deal on The MAXIMized Practitioner Program I offer and it’s only offered to those who show up when they say they will.