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Ready To Triple Your Practice Revenues With The Patients You ALREADY Have?

  • How to put a client system in place from the very first appointment otherwise it can crash your business
  • How to stop pouring money down the drain and create a system to keep track of 100% of your patients
  • How to easily put together an e-mail campaign sequence tore-engage your list/old patients
  • How to easily create a social media campaign to keep the new leads flowing

Hosted by Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND
Business Coach to Health & Wellness Practitioners
Six-Figure Entrepreneur with 3 Practice Locations

I’ve designed my business to reward folks who know how to  SHOW UP!

Don’t wait for the replay… Attend LIVE for access to the sweetest deal on The MAXIMized Practitioner Program I offer and it’s only offered to those who show up when they say they will.