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How to Own Your Expertise, Build Your Influence and Expand Your Impact: Interview with JJ Virgin – PPP: 061

August 08, 2017 by Andrea Maxim - Leave a Comment

Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin teaches clients how to lose weight and master their mindset so they can lead bigger better lives. She is the author of 4 NY Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet, and JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook. Her memoir Miracle Mindset: A Mother, Her Son, & Life's Hardest Lessons explores the powerful lessons in

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Double Your Sales with Email: Interview with Ben Settle – PPP: 060

August 02, 2017 by Andrea Maxim - Leave a Comment

Today I wanted to bring on another person to specifically talk about copywriting on the show. This was so important to me because it really is the life blood of anything that you want to do in your business. If your goal is to write emails and engage with your audience and grow a bigger list or if you want to

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