Here's Why I Created the MYC Course Just For YOU

Right Now You're Completely Lost and Overwhelmed by What's Involved with Setting Up and Running a Practice You've just spent years learning how to be a great practitioner and now learning the ins and outs of running a practice is just too much to manage.  

What systems do you need to put into place?  

How should I interact with new patients so they return and become life-long patients?  

You've got a ton of knowledge on how to treat and heal your patients well - you have the ability to change lives- but you feel invisible.  

You struggle to find and attract the right patients into your office. You're writing the blogs, doing the seminars, going to trade shows and no one is converting into paying patients. 

By Now You've...  

... invested in other expensive online courses on how to run a business but all they do is teach you how to create an online course or online group program, but none show you how to manage your in-office patients or help you set up critical strategies to create a successful medical practice.  

...booked in several new patients but for some reason they don't seem to return for their follow-ups, your appointment calendar is getting more sparse by the month and you don't know what you're doing wrong.  

... thought several times about quitting the profession to enter back into the corporate world and be an employee but you know you became a practitioner for a reason and you know that you can make this career choice work, you just don't know where to start. ... know you want to create an in-office program but you have no idea how to create it, how to launch it and how to fill it. The tech involved sounds super scary too! By now, you've got the chops to be a great practitioner you just need to learn how to earn the income a great practitioner deserves. You know that you could be doing something better. Managing your time better. Organizing your schedule better. Running your business better.  

But let's face it..... 


 Now you're ready to cut through the methods that aren't working and finally get som traction in your business... not by next year, but in the next THREE MONTHS!  

I promise you that this is the last course you will need to buy on how to properly set up and manage your practice. 

Everything you need is ready for you inside!

Create your Naturopathic Practice Right the First time with my No-Fluff, No-Theory Approach, the exact methods I used to create a 6-Figure Practice from my very first year

  • 5 Step-By-Step Modules 
  • 20 Video and Audio Lessons 
  • 15+ Worksheets and Templates 
  • 1 Amazing Practice, Right the FIRST time!

In this module we are going to go over all of the business building basics: Clinic name, Contracts, Start-Up Costs and how you can Design Your Dream Business.

In this module we are going to go into detail about how you should be creating your brand for your business. We will take time to identify your Ideal Patient Profile and build your logo and website around what will attract those patients to your office.  

  • How to create the right mindset around creating and growing your practice 
  • How to overcome your obstacles so you can take action and be successful at what you want to do 
  • Asking for what you want and how to get it 
  • How to creating a personal or clinic name 
  • How to negotiate your rent contract like a champ 
  • How to create a working and actionable business plan 
  • Breakdown of your start-up business costs 
  • An entire list of FREE items you can use to reduce your start-up costs 
  • How to get funding
  • How to target your ideal patient or patient base
  • How to identify yourself as an authority to your niche market
  • Creating a brand that attracts and converts new patients
  • How to create a logo that works for your brand
  • How to create your perfect website, and not to make my $5000 mistake
  • How to hire a graphic designer or create your website yourself for FREE
  • The importance of drafting the best Home and About Me page
  • Why business cards are a waste of time, unless you do what I tell you
  • A complete brochure done-for-you


Agenda, Design Your Dream Business Worksheet, Start Up Costs Breakdown PDF and How to Create a Business Plan 3-Part Audio Worshop.  

Ideal Patient Avatar Worksheet, Brand Profile Checklist Worksheet, Graphics and Website Resource List, Website Checklist PDF and a workable template for Your Clinic Brochure 

"When I started working with Andrea, I was feeling pretty lost and unsure about where to go next with my practice. I had been considering starting an online program, but didn't know where to start. Andrea was extremely helpful in not only helping me figure out a niche that fit with who I want to work with most, but also the various tech pieces I had never worked with before. 

Utilizing her suggestions and feedback I now have a program ready to go 'to market', and will be fully launching very soon. If this is an area you need some assistance with, Andrea can really help you get going and help keep you accountable." 

~ Sarah Conners, ND

In this module we get right into how you should be running your practice, making things automated as much as possible so you can spend more time working with your patients and making a difference. There's a ton of amazing downloads too to save you a lot of time on the admin stuff.  

In this module I am going to walk you through everything from conception to social proof to creating and launching your signature program in your office.

  • How to conduct your time with your patients
  • A detailed breakdown of the initial, second and follow-up visits
  • An example of a new patient folder giveaway
  • What to do after the chief complaint is taken care of
  • Exactly how to fill and control your dispensary
  • How to control the "front of house" and train your receptionist
  • Techniques and software to automate the administration side of your practice
  • How to make sure that no patients fall through the cracks and the system I use to keep tabs on bookings
  • Extra examples of promotions you can offer patients to keep them coming back into your office
  • Why your clinic NEEDS a signature program(s)
  • How to identify if your program will actually sell in your office
  • How to create your first 3 programs and promote them with confidence
  • How to research your program idea and capture leads before it sells
  • How to name your program
  • How to promote your program and create bonus offers to make sure it sells
  • The exact breakdown of your pre-launch and launch of your course
  • Bonus ideas to get more opt-ins


Yearly Marketing Campaign Example and Worsheet, How to Monitor New Patient Progress for a Year template, What To Expect With Your Visits PDF, Complete Standard Operating Procedures File and an Audio file of my Initial Visit Script  

Complete Done-For-You Templates: Confidential Intake Form, Informed Consent Form, Release of Records Form.

3-Tiered Health Curriculum Worksheet and a complete Launching Your Program Worksheet

In this module, I will teach you step-by-step how to create amazing seminars that convert into new patients

  • How to set up your slides to capture the most engagement
  • How to conduct yourself during the presentation
  • Where in the room you should be putting your sign up sheets
  • How to draft up presentation only specials or promotions
  • How to record your presentation and use it as a lead magnet to capture 100% of the attendees emails
  • How to nuture these leads to become new patients  


2 complete done-for-you seminar templates. These are my two highest converting seminars created to date.

"The one-on-one call was great to help me organize myself to implement my new program, the 7 Day Detox and group program, in my practice. Andrea broke down very clearly when I should start my marketing, and how I could go about it. I feel more confident putting together group programs in the future. I've also identified many things I could and should modify in my daily practice to make my patient visits more effective and keep the clinic running more smoothly." -

 Tamar Ferreira, ND

  • The complete MAXimize Your ClinicProgram * All videos are ready to watch. No drip feeding. All worksheets and templates are ready to download and work through ($1,999 Value) 
  • Private Facebook Community for Group Support and 24/7 Access To Me ($997 Value)
  • Bonus Module 5 - Rock Your Seminars Program with 2 fully completed seminar templates and videos to use ($197 Value)  




*all prices in CDN

Remember: When you join you get LIFETIME access to the course and it's upgrades. As an ELITE VIP Mastermind Member you get access to all previous coaching calls and access to all new coaching calls as they occur - That's 6-months of group coaching every year!

 "Finally, a course that focuses on the essentials of building a successful naturopathic practice! Each lesson is succinct and jam-packed with actionable steps. As a successful practitioner herself, Andrea brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is not only applicable to new grads but to long standing NDs. Andrea stands out among my other coaches and mentors as someone who is genuine, personable and continuously engages in her own business development. Working with Andrea is akin to skipping a few years ahead without making many rookie mistakes. As a recent graduate, the course has given me traction to start my practice the right way. It helped me create profitable in-office programs and effectively structure patient visit. I would definitely recommend this course to all practitioners who would like to optimize their practice to better serve their patients!" ~Dr. Anna Kol, ND


I have a 30-Day Full money-back guarantee.  

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