Discover How My Automated Done-For-You 7-Day Detox Program Can Impact Your Practice and Your Bottom Line! I Made It Fully Customizable, You Can Brand It As Your Own & Implement It In As Little As 24 Hours Without Needing to be a Techy.

The One Fatal Mistake That Is Keeping You From Growing Your Business is not KNOWING the impact of simple proven offline/online business strategies and learning HOW TO put them into action.

UNDERSTAND THIS… If you think you can achieve success, financial security and freedom to work how and when you want just by hanging a shingle with your credientials... You're Dead Wrong.

I know you are passionate about impacting your patient's health.  You have an stellar education and are fully qualified and capable of being as successful as you desire, BUT maybe you're stuck. Maybe you're wondering, "Is it me?" as the reason why your calendar isn't fully booked with patients.  Most likely, you just lack the tools and technical know-how to create and implement profitable programs and services.


What I want to do is make sure you dominate in your healthpreneur world.

It is imperative that you create at least one, short-term, low priced program for your patients that allows you to create quick results, that leads to a longer, higher-priced program afterwards.

I don't know about you, but I find when patients come into my office they are looking for quick results. Something that they can follow that has a quick end point. Something that will help them lose weight, lose bloat, lose the digestive upset, calm the hot flashes, clear the skin, in as little time as possible.

Patients don't want to leave your office on a first visit with questionnaires and a promise you will heal them in a few weeks. Patients want to know that you are going to drastically change their life... for the better.

You have one visit to show them how good you are at your job.

Ask yourself these questions...

Do you have this type of formula build into your current business and in your roster of service offerings?

Can you step away from your business for a sick day or holiday and still serve your clients and still generate profit?

Do you know how to create AND implement offline or online programs?

Do you have a way to get patients moving in the right direction quickly?

Honestly, this program is one of my BEST-SELLING programs that patients keep coming back for every 3, 6 or 12 months, without me needing to do a thing! This is why I wanted to package it up so you can implement it into your business TOMORROW and start generating more income instantly.

What would it be like if you had this in your business...

  • A quick program that offers tremendous health results that your patients are CRAVING from you. No need to re-create the wheel or waste your valuable time and financial resources.
  • You would have the e-mails to send out to your patients (and engage new ones) promoting your program and generate sales instantly.
  • You would have personalized emails sent out in a specific order that engage your patients during the entire program, allowing them to feel that they are 100% supported and will only achieve success when working with you.
  • Give you all the tools necessary to get this program up and running in 24-HOURS. The e-mails, the graphics, the shopping guide, the recipe book. EVERYTHING is prepped and ready for you to put your own logo and verbage onto. Send. Watch your profits grow.

Hello there! My name is Andrea Maxim, Naturopathic Doctor, Author and Creator of The Maxim Movement

I am a regulated Naturopathic Doctor and online healthpreneur.

As the creator of The Maxim Movement, author of MAXIMized Health and Maximize Your Clinic Online Course, I have had the opportunity to be interviewed and interview some of the best people in the health industry. I have personally worked hundred of patients with long standing digestive, weight and hormonal issues.

My companies mission is to help people move forward towards a better place in their lives, whether that be through improved health or improved prosperity.

This means, my goal is to help you run a more efficient practice in as little time as possible so I can get you achieving more success within your practice not only with your patients, but with your business too!

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Here's Everything Your Get When You Order Today...

1. A Quick Start and Implementation Guide - This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on what the program is about. Any health condition you are facing, I have clearly laid out exactly how to put together the program for that individual, with what products and at what dosage. It is so done-for-you that you can have all of the marketing material self-branded and ready to launch in 24 hours.

2. Complete Patients Handouts - This includes a Welcome Letter, a Grocery List, a Recipe e-Book and a Patient Health Tracker Template for your patient's to follow all week long. Every hand out comes with a completed example or a template made in MS Word so you can use them 100% as is, add your logo or adapt it how you see fit.

3. Beautiful Recipe eBook - Now I can't take all the credit. All recipes were created by my dear friend Samantha Gladish, Holistic Nutritionist. My patients have just loved them. The Zucchini Chip recipe alone is the highlight of most people's weeks. All of the recipes included are quick and easy to make. Patient's love this done for you meal plan, no thinking means no cheating.

4. Every Patient E-mail Written For You - Every day your patient will recieve an email with a blurb on how they should be feeling. A few statements of encouragement and a recipe to try that day. Educating your patients and reassuring them "that it will be ok" especially in the first few days of the detox, is your #1 priority.

I have 8 written-for-you emails that you can load into your autoresponders and send to your patients. Load it once. Set it and forget it. There is no need to change any of the wording. It is 100% ready to go. Anything you add, i.e. a video or personal story, it a bonus.

5. BONUSES - Only because you are an action taker, I am including a few extra bonuses to help make your life even easier!

BONUS #1: Written for You Sales Copy - Having a great program in one thing, but you need to give your patients a reason to actually buy it from you! I am giving you the option to use my written-for-you sales copy 100% as is, adding in your own business material OR you can modify it however you see fit.

BONUS #2: 10 Beautiful Program Graphics - In the effort of saving you time, I have included some promo graphics as well as images used throughout the program to use at your leisure.

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48-Hour Money Back Guarantee



Here's what some of my patients have had to say about the 7-Day Detox Program

"The 7-day detox was very good experience for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing problems with his/hers digestive system. I was unable to pinpoint what triggers weird bloating and aches and pains in my body. Beyond lost inches and pounds, which was added bonus, the feeling of lightness and being almost free of pain is the best that I could hope for. The reintroduction of food phase, confirmed gluten and dairy sensitivity but also added tomatoes to the list of food I better avoid, which used to be a daily staple in my diet. I am still in the exploratory phase of finding out what I should and should not eat, but so far I am thrilled with the results."

-Jana B., 38yoF (Last names removed for confidentiality reasons)
"I loved Dr. Andrea's detox! It is simple to do, not too restrictive, and I got great results! It is also extremely useful for determining food sensitivities that might not be immediately noticeable with foods we eat every day. I have done this detox twice already and I would definitely do it again in the future!"

-Raluca N., 24yoF 
"First day was hard but by day 3 I figured out how many of veggies I need to eat. Cooked veggies were more filling. I ate piece of salmon a day and that helped me a lot from feeling hungry. I was pretty much eating every 2 hours. Luckily it is 1 week. By the end of week I felt so much better. Will do it again in 1 year."

- Eva G., 35yoF
"Detox was challenging, but I would definitely recommended it (and have to 3 friends). Felt a great sense of accomplishment for completing it."

- Amy B., 35yoF
"It helped me figure out my intolerance to milk and now I feel so much better. It also started me on a great path to weight loss. In 5 months I lost 25 lbs only by watching what I ate."

- Laura F., 29yoF

This is everything you're going to get + 2 Amazing Bonuses!

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48-Hour Money Back Guarantee



"Frequently Asked Questions"

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Can I use the material completly as is? Including the graphics?
Do I need to invest in any other technology before I can implement the system?
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